dr. newtons workshops for past life regression in mumbai


i have been attending dr. newtons workshops for past years in mumbai and came acrros this forum last year…even though i do not participate actively in d discussions, i have learnt a lot thru it and would like to do ao in futurw nd dats y i want.to be a part of this forum. sheetal jain
I have done Level 1 Level 2 and Level 3 of Hypnotherapy from Hypnotherapy School of India. I share the saem interest as the Group. Being a member of this group I will learn from the experiences of fellow PLR therapist
Spirit guides are always there with us guiding us in indirect way which we don’t usually notice.But you can receive communication from them in the form of indirect text.Here is what I do:

Sit in meditation posture relax yourself just watch your breath coming in and going out for some time(minimum 15-20 min).
In case your mind strays in thoughts just accept that mind wandered and bring it back to breath.After breathing meditation just pray to deity you believe in.Remember that your spirit guides are listening to you.Just talk to your deity/spirit guides about your current challenges and ask them how your future is going to be ,what u really need to do.Have a gratitude towards your spirit guides and your deity for they have been always guiding you indirectly which you could not notice.Be respectful towards them.Have faith in them.

More respect,faith and gratitude you have… more powerful divine channel will be created which will enable them to guide you through indirect text stuff.After following above procedure you may read a news paper horoscope of your sun -sign or horoscope of your sign at the random on any site of internet…that stuff which used to be junk in general will now contain messages specifically tailored for you because of divine channel you created through meditation,prayer,faith and gratitude.

There are psychics however who can have sessions with you and enable communication with spirit guides/masters.I believe we do have them in our group too…request them to join the discussion.I too long for having one such session with such respected psychic in/near Pune.

-Akshat Gode
Hi all,
I have been trying to connect to my spirit guides through meditation but have not been successful yet.

Could someone please share techniques to connect to them or help me by communicating to my spirit guides.

Thanks a lot!!
R/ Sir Mr. Shivhare sb i read u sincerely. i m a govtt official posted in Bhopal. I will be happy to come in your contact. & can be discuss a lot. My mobile no. is 08305274169. I can join u whenever u like. I am working on hypnosis very sincerely since last one year & want to more about this subject. -Perhaps i may be a rt person forwarding your mottows ,

i need some answers to my questions….from my childhood i have seen or felt things which i can’t explain is usual or unusual..firstly, sometimes when i am doing something like reading a book or talking to someone or anything i feel that it has already ocurred and that thoose events are a repeatation and i feel like i know what gonna happen next at that moment..secondly, when i am sitting quietly anywhere i see tiny one or two microscopic strings which i cant explain the shape of are floating around me..thirdly, it has happened many times when i am lone i feel something passses by me, something touches me like a blow of wind, i feel i see strange shadows these things i dont pay much heed but one day a strange thing happened when i was sleeping alone in my room i felt someone is brushing my hair i woke up immediately taking it as a dream, it has happened many times that i heard someone calling my name sometimes in the same voice my mother or my father or my friends call me though they were not…till date two most strange things happened with me one is a dream and another i saw i real..one day i dreamt that someone, a female voice though i cant see his face except a gloomy light lecturing on evil and bad things of life, bad effect of breaking a promise, about sin’s etc…one evening i was sitting in a chair facing outside in verandah suddenly i saw a flame of fire like the one’s in a candle after sometime there were three at first i thought i am getting delusional i rubbed my eyes many times but it was still there after that i fled in fear……….please tell me in my email am i getting crazy ?

PLR in Mumbai Mrs. Shalini Verma MO: 09819284072

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