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Planchet  spirit calling is a matter of great interest to many persons. It was a pleasant surprise for me to learn that many people are interested in using planchet for calling spirit for one or the other purposes. Some persons want to connect to their beloved departed souls for doing unfinished communication and other persons want to get answers to their problems of current life. In this post, I would elaborate the procedure of calling spirits through planchet and also I would let you know other methods of spirit contacts within a framework of past life regression. Planchet can be done through ouija board or self-designed boards. You need to be fearless and have genuine interest in solving real life problems of your own or your family members through inviting higher souls and spirits.

Traditionally, the typical image of planchet method is that a group of persons sit together in a circle by drawing a circle with alphabets and numbers written on the edges of the circle. That is, first you draw a circle, then towards the edges of the circle you write alphabets from A to Z and numbers from 0 to 9. At the center of this circle you are required to keep a small round object like a coin, a small light utensil like a small bowl. Then you energize the area by lighting incense sticks. You need to clean the floor and the surface area before drawing the circle as above. All the team members should take bath, have a fearless and spiritual mindset. With this mental and spiritual framework and keeping the area distraction free, at least two people put their right index finger gently without much pressure on the object, and all the group members including the mediums (the persons keeping fingers on the object) need to close their eyes, recite spiritually energizing prayers with a clear intent of calling a holy spirit to bless the group, mediums and the person for whose problems the spirit is being called. After some time, the mediums would feel vibrations in the object and the team members may feel a surge of spiritual energy in the surrounding areas. There may be a sense of relaxation, admiration in the team members. Once there are positive signs of the presence of the spirit, now one of the mediums ask questions to the spirit mentally. For that, the questions to be asked and who would ask the questions can be determined in advance to keep the entire experience smooth and flow spontaneously, Once a medium asks the questions, the object would begin to move over alphabets and numbers in some defined sequence. A team member should note the alphabets over which the object has moved. The movements of the object over alphabets and numbers contain the answers. Ask questions one by one in unhurried manner. Be grateful to the spirit and receive the blessings. Once you are through with all the questions, you need to thank the spirit and say good bye gracefully.

The entire practice of calling spirit can be criticized by the skeptics and critics. You need to remain open and receptive to the outcome of the spirit calling through planchette. Future cannot be peaked by anyone with 100% certainty including the spirits. The spirits can have limited access to the divine plan for the future. Spirits can never get into the future fully with accuracy. Hence, there could be inaccurate reading through spirits. You can also find ouija board for doing the planchet calling with ease.

In addition to above procedure for planchette calling spirit, there is a framework of past life regression for spirit contact and even releasement. For that you need to see an expert who specializes in spirit contact and removal. The procedure is simple and straight forward. You would be put into hypnotic trance by the expert, and in this hypnotic trance you would be give specialized instructions which would trigger the vibrations within you that would lead to a contact with one or more spirits. This I have used to connect to the departed beloved souls for finishing the communication and receiving the guidance from the heavenly soul.

You need to remain calm, at ease and without fear for getting into this area of planchet and spirit communication. You can raise queries on this and related procedures in Free of cost Support Group on Hypnosis and Past Life Regression. If you have got any kind of experiences in spirit communication, we would be glad to listen to your experiences and even you can guide other like minded persons in the group who are keenly interested in learning the planchette, spirit communication, spirit contact, spirit removal. In particular we are impressed by the work of William Baldwin on Spirit Releasement Therapy. One of our team member is the fan of Sylvia Browne and her book ‘The Other Side and Back’ which provides great insight into the area of spirit communication. I am in particular impressed by the work of psychic Tara Ward and her book Discover Your Psychic Powers. You may find these resources extremely helpful.

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Is planchet a real thing or just a myth? I have heard and read many stories about that?

Responses Received in the Forum:

Col Umakant Saxena, Pune
Dear All,
The existence of Spirits (good or bad) around us can not be denied. There are various categories of such Spirits, which have different Powers. There are many methods to call them and take their help. Planchet is one of them and simplest one. Encase done properly gives 60-70% correct replies. In case done carelessly, may harm also.
S. Subramanian:
Dear All Further to the post of Col Umakantji, I wish to add the methods of Planchet and Ojha board etc., have potential to do harm because there are negative entities which is more often attracted to this than the positive entities.  The positive entities would like to take the route of Meditation to contact us if they require.Hence it is not advisable to go through the route of Planchet and Ojha board.With unconditional Love
Dear All To add to Col Saxena and Subramanian Ji, there are energies present around us at all times. Some people sense such presence due to their high consciousness that may be termed as clairvoyance and so on.It is suggested that Planchet and such methods are without guards therefore, we do not know which entity we encounter.  This may create problems.Yog, Meditation , Shaman rituals are dedicated and safer ways. It is also observed that when the need be, spirits and other entities make their presence felt in our space for messages they may wish to give us.This may very commonly happen through dreams and visions.Take Care
Col. Umakant Saxena’s opinion about planchette is correct so far a my experience is concerned. During 2004, within 2 days after doing planchetteI met with an accident and got fracture of left collar bone.Ishvar Mantrannavar. There is no scientific evidence till date to confirm the concept of planchet reliably. Rather many investigations have proved otherwise. Many a times individual experiences planchet due to dissociationYes you are right. Planchet may be OK for a time pass.
There is a Ghost Meter also available and it indicates presence of any entity if it is around. I have seen this tested this and found effective.
If one is in to practicing deep meditation regularly automatically issues if negativity start disappearing
Hi All,I have one basic question. How planchet works. If somebody taken birth after death ( Reincarnated) and we are calling his/her soul through planchet then How that soul will come ? He/She’s soul is in life.Please correct me If I am wrong.Thanks & Regards
How to do planchet? what’s the process? can someone help? My aunt has lost her diamond ring and believes that if we invoke the spirits they will be able to tell us where the ring is. Please help.hi,
in planchet u cannot be ever sure that its always the soul u have called that may turn up, there r mischievous souls too who like to have fun at the expense of humans,
meditation and plt therapies are the safest  ways to connect. It is also not good to keep calling the deceased if they have anything to convey genuinely they do convey it through your dreams and through meditation, always pray for their peace.kamal patel patwa
Kamal, NamaskarYou have stated that meditation and past life therapies are the safest way to connect with.
What sort of mediation allows us to connect with deceased and yet be the safest ?. Will you please be kind enough to elucidate.Neelkanth

Hi Nandini,I started planchet for the first time when I was in college … just for fun. … It was just fun in the beginning but then the process landed me into problems like I could feel presence around myself. I felt the chill and could hardly sleep. Then my mother asked me to give up all this and start doing pranayam and meditation with gayatri mantra. Slowly the fear was gone. After that I used planchet only for helping out friends who had lost a loved one and wanted to know what could be the departed souls last wish. I no longer feel scared as i use it very rarely and that too for helping out others with specific problems. I do not know weather this whole thing is self hypnosis or something else but it does help my disturbed friends. A young friend of mine who had lost her husband got a chance to feel his presence and got his message through this process. Her encounter was shocking but it did help her a lot in regaining confidence in life again. My conclusion is that you must not use the departed souls for fun or  personal gain. Let nature take its own course.Regards, Priti

Dear all interested in plancet,I have the same experience as Preeti,I also started planchet when in college taught by my aunt ,but left when I started feeling presence of some souls.My aunt who used to practice had a very tragic death .I only used this last to connect with her for her young children.So please do not do all this for fun.


Dear Friends,
- Firstly calling a spirit from other world is not 100% safe, regardless of method you use. You have to take precautions (shielding etc).
- The chances of appearing same spirit which has been called varies from method to method.
- We call spirits to know answers to our questions and to take their help in other “tasks”. Calling spirit thru Panchet only answers your queries. In planchet, you can filter arrival of “Evil Spirits” by using some methods so that you can have more reliable replies.
- There are hundred other ways to call or even manifest spirits to get answers or get a task done. But they require more tedious efforts with some restrictions to master those methods.

-Col Umakant Saxena, Pune

Dear all,

The incarnated soul after leaving the body needs to reach the higher soul and have to reincarnate again. But unfortunately some of us try to call these souls to help us by these methods like planchet. This is not good for that soul whether it is good for us or not. Kindly request all those who practice planchet or similar or other methods to allow the souls that left the body to achieve reaching higher soul so that it can reincarnate again to fulfill it’s karmic desires.


hi Nandini,
i would recommend u read life after death by swami Abhedananda , he is Vivekanands contemporary. this book deals with many observations where psychics call spirits of the deceased… to help people yet swamiji has concluded that these entities occupy the personal space of the soul that calls it and unfortunately… the soul does not move up the karmic ladder in this way…a lot of disturbances are caused in her energy,
move on to higher and safer methods of meditation…

Dear Kamalji

I too wonder “What sort of mediation allows us to connect with deceased and yet be the safest ?” My beloved wife died five months before at 49 years, just 5 months after her surgery (hysterectomy + hernia repair tummy tuck). From the 2nd week after her surgery date, her whole mindset plunged into shocking depression. doctors shrugged off their shoulders.. referred her to their hospital psychiatrist, who prescribed SSRI tabs, which further complicated her thoughts and forced her to end her own life in self-immolation, after bidding me farewell for travel. I could not see her body.. I did not have the courage to see her burnt body.. She was playful,spiritual, always cheerful, and inspiring others to help them out of their distress, donating money and clothes.She gave away our TV and Master Bed Cot to the housemaids!!. All ladies are shell-shocked and we all family members are unable to digest her tragic end even after 5 months. I wonder whether I can ask her “why and what made her to take that gory extreme step to end her life.. in my absence at home leaving me and 2 children now dependent on others”. She was my the energy center of my family.I want to know how her soul is the Astral world. She was my soul mate, and now I am myself feeling loneliness..her absence,, not hearing her cheerful voice.. my children are missing her a lot.. I know Meditation, but how can I know her present condition.. Hope you will understand my feelings and longing. If you can please guide me to know her condition (peaceful).. If it is not good to disturb her, please advise me. I will simply continue my daily usual Prayers for her peace.. What else I can do.. She left my daughter’s wedding alliance seeking exercise, and my son’s college education, food, house management,, everything on me alone.. I am struggling.. I read in the hers foundation.org to know the adverse effects of hysterectomy, only two months after her death. It was too late.. Why this end happens to her.. I pray God to bless her soul with peace..


Dear All

Hope you would have read my request to Kamalji today. Can’t I try any safe Meditation methods to know about my beloved wife, who died 5 months before. Is it right or not.. just leave.. forget,, and never look back the past.


Question to Gaurang Bhat
Dear Gaurang,
You have mentioned about Ghost meter. May I know what is the principle of its working and further details about the gadget.
Regards- R K B

dear shafeeji,
may god give u the strength to overcome this difficult time in your life such events in life just shake us up……….removing of the uterus does lead to emotional complications but why she truly took this drastic step only god knows……u will have to enter a very deep level of meditation to have access to her kindly send me a mail from Ur personal email id i will let u know the process how u may proceed.
shafeeji in Hinduism we have a ceremony called pinda dana (the body is symbolical -called pinda) after the demise of a soul to help the soul in his forward journey there must be ceremonies in your religion too .for the benefit of the soul kindly perform them.
keep praying for her soul to be at peace first everyday along with your family
don’task her to come back just when u all pray for her peace tell her (from your heart) how much u love her and though she is on the other side u all know that she is with u all though not in the body but in spirit don’t blame her for taking this drastic step accept it as a happening god and time are the best healers
you may also go through the plt as it will surely help you too.
god bless

Dear Shafie

I completely understand what u may be going through. I too have lost loved ones and completely empathize.

It’s OK to miss your wife. It is also okay to cry over her absence. To remember her and all the moments spent and how special she was to u n your family.

How ever it is equally important that u understand that her soul needs to be now on its own journey. It has left its body and earthly attachments and needs to move on.

Also remember that no ones dies of anything but death and death always occurs at the right time for the person, come what may.

Physical absence of a dear one is very difficult to bare. But such is life. MEMBER HER IN LOVE. SHE LEFT BECAUSE HER TIME WAS RIGHT.

So just continue to love her. Continue to love your family n your children.



Snigdha Mishra

Namaste Kamal ji,

As per my knowledge Meditation( Dhyan) is for Spiritual development and it is nothing to do with Spiritualism which means communication with the dead. I am open for correction if any in this respect.
Recently, we were discussing ex and cons of Planchet which presumably allows us to communicate with the dead. Some of the experienced members on this group have already opined that this sort of practice is dangerous, harmful and unreliable.
Admittedly, there are several types of Meditations. If you know about any type of meditation which ensures our spiritual progress on one hand and enable us to communicate with the dead on the other hand that too with required safety then there seems to be a double benefit and I am very curious to know about it. It will certainly add to my knowledge as well as the others.


Dear All,

This topic has bit confused me. Planchet is used to talk with spirits. But according to the Hindu Dharma a spirit after completing its tenure on Earth goes to heaven and is reborn. Buddhism says that the a person is reborn immediately as it doesn’t believe in the concept of spirit. What is the truth? If we believe in the existence of spirit, how can a spirit which has taken rebirth come on the planchet? Or it never comes at all?


Hi  RKB,

Yes , you can type ghost meter on Google and see the detail of how does it look etc. It is a product from US from a former disciple of OSHO.

I have a friend who is much in to all this has shown me how does it work.

If there is a presence of spirits around it gives a blip and light , if the spirit presence is high it makes bigger blips etc. The communicator enters in to dialogue and further takes it up the subject.

The principle it works on is that it has very sensitive receptors who catches the movement of energy – positive or negative – these microwaves are of a frequency and wave length that our senses cannot catch them due to their own limitations.

I am still exploring the subject as I personally do not accept things unless it satisfies my curiosity and logic scientifically. At this moment whatever my experience has been , it has not yet shown any negative reason or allowed me to raise doubts as I have tried it in different places and at different occasions and the questions in my mind have so far found explanations and answers.

Thanks and regards,
Gaurang Bhatt

dear neelkanthji.,
yes meditation is for your spiritual journey
at times when we lose our near and dear ones we are shaken up from the core we are in so much anguish and pain  A very intense and deep pain this is a time to go deep within where may answers to your questions will be answered along with these there may be some unfinished communication with the departed soul wish makes u restless.through meditating on your loved ones for a certain period we can definitely move on
this i speak from my own experience years back i have lost some dear loved ones i have grieved for them.longed for them to come back through meditation i found my comfort, connect and peace for myself and those departed loved ones
departed souls also communicate to you in your dreams
one should only connect with your loved ones and that too for a certain period then kindly leave them in peace to move on their onward journey.

All deceased persons do not go to heaven but some, particularly who are very much attached to the worldly things linger on the earth plane. They can help or harm, but mostly harm the human society.


Dear friend,

I lost my wife a year ago.

She left me and my only daughter in state which can not be described.

Can you help me through penchant about her where about.

Can i feel her presence/communicate through penchant

Pl help


Dear Members,
I was going through this entire course of planchet and means of talking to the departed ones.
I just wanted to know, that is it possible to meet the departed persons soul through PLR therapy. I just knew PLR is used for helping the alive deal with his current problems.
Also if a soul takes rebirth immediately after death, then how through planchet can it come to us and what is the state of the person it had entered into.
Lastly as i knew Mediation is a process that helps us connect to the supreme power. So how can we connect to the soul of just a human entity who has not yet become the ultimate supreme power.
Sorry theirs nothing against what you all have written. But jst few thoughts that crossed my mind, being a psychology student.
Hope u answer my questions
Thanking You,
Meghna Mukherjee
Clinical Psychologists


Dear Group members,

Last couple of weeks there are few discussions going on in this group. We need to get more healthy discussions to help each other and community.
My comments about few items being discussed recently:-

Planchet – Is a addiction like gambling and not recommended to get into it. I know a family ruined their lives (4 out of 5 family members are no more) in addiction of planchet.

Electric shock – There are many theories around this subject. Anyone gets electric shock, sounds in ears and pains in some parts of body should first get checked their health by ENT specialist. Different kinds of sessions are observed and experienced during PLRT, TLT and hypnosis. These are normally inconsistent have no particular patterns.

Creating future – Just like PLRT there are processes for seeing your future. In NLP terms it is called future pacing. Generally these techniques used for new behavior generator and fast phobia methods.

There are many books and electronic media materials available in the market. I would recommend all interested in knowing and learning to associate with professionals in respective fields.

Ravi Bhagwat
NLP Master Practitioner & Trainer
5 Charlton Avenue, Newington

Read about planchet on wiki

PLR in Mumbai Mrs. Shalini Verma MO: 09870480560

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