how to know my past life regression!

I am Chanpreet and am based out of Sydney. I got married in 2000 and it was not at all a happy one for me. It was more of an arrangement for me, the girl and her family being the choice of my family. Adhering to that I finally got married (after an year long of courtship). Marriage was not at all rosy (as they say) for me from the start. Trifle matters blew out of proportion. Life went on (as it always does) and I was clueless all these years.

2009, I would say, was an year when it got out of limit and it got over also. It was painful, not because of losing a “partner” (who never loved me) going away but losing my son to her. She took him away. That was the year when I suffered huge financial losses as well and my business was all but over. All this while I was awake but it felt like a dead man walking…absolutely clueless. Early 2011 I moved to Australia and was struggling there as well. towards the end of 2011 I somehow got in touch with VK Mehra uncle. I thank my stars for that and thought maybe there was one good Karma I ever did and as a result I met uncle. I came to India for my work trip and the very next day met Uncle for a session.

During the session I saw my previous life. The year I was born, the place where I was. I didn’t see my parents but I could clearly see who raised me up. I saw myself being carried away in a basket by someone who resembled Lord JESUS (now this thing seems unbelievable as I am a SIKH). I saw myself being carried in a basket to a mud house (I lived from 1736-1814) in Athens, Greece. The lady in that life who brought me up is my mother in my current life. For the first 22-25 years I was a soldier in the kings army. Then suddenly I see myself as a healer, distributing medicines and food to the needy. I used to heal people with my hands and my hug. If it was physical pain (on any of the body parts) I use to keep my hand there and the pain would just vanish. And if it was emotional pain I use to hug people and relieve them of pain. I saw an event where there were 5-6 pyres burning and a few ladies standing besides, crying. I went there and spread my arms to hug all of them at once. And not surprisingly, they all stopped crying.

In my life as a soldier and a healer I used to fight with the king and his son for the good of the people of his kingdom (all his slaves and others). In the last I give away my life to the cause.

Despite of seeing all this so clearly, I somehow had a doubt in my mind, not about the therapy but on myself, if I had seen the right thing or was it just out of my imagination. This kept disturbing me until a few days ago when I met a Pundit ji who has written more than 325 books on Astrology, PLR, Tantra Mantra and related topics. While talking to him and telling him what I saw in the session he took out one of his books on Bhrigu and read everything that I saw and more. He told me what I did and what were my karma in that life. Why I got this life and why I keep facing problems in this life. I was shocked and at the same time anxious to know the remedies to remove all the previous life bad karma. Now I know why I am what I am and why am I facing hindrances and problems in this life.

I don’t have words to thank Mehra uncle of doing what he did and is still the guiding force for a better tomorrow.

My story is not complete here and I would write back of my life from hereon.

May the Almighty be with everyone in good times and bad..Amen!!

Best Regards

Chanpreet Singh

true past life regression story of an old man

An old man Age 70+ He had grudges with his own parents ,father left him when he was quiet young and mother got married to another man ,Father when left did not gave him anything in his property and even mother got busy in her new life and new kids ,subject lived his life all alone most of his life and had those grudges on his mind that parents left him alone with nothing being given as their heir .Also have pains in hands and had stomach problems always in life 2 operations done on his stomach and digestive problems were there.Was taken in trance and showed divine light he saw the color Golden and Yellow scanned him and found one lady on his right hand upon requesting she merged in light with a kid who has come to fetch her .

Two attachments found on his stomach one was gents and other a lady who was a friend of his aunty both went in light and area was healed and sealed with lights.Then found one on left hand  ,subject described it as very horrifying face and was Hindu went up in light with Lord Hanuman ,area was healed and sealed again by light.Then scanned his back and found old man since many years with him also was removed and sent to light was healed and sealed with light.Then was asked to cal upon his master for which he saw blue color first and then found his master he named as Sayedna Taher Saifuddin RA .Subject talked with him and cried a lot saying why my parents were unjust to me ,Master gave him message that Forgive them snd forget it .He was calm then after removing lot of emotional toxins within him.Then called his parents he saw them and cried again a lot speaking to them why did they left him alone they were standing there then did cord cutting with them and asked the subject to cut the negative cord he had between his parents and not the Love and Respect cord he did and even parents did and then asked them to leave .

Then subject has grudges with his aunty then who was unjust to him after his parents and took away his left out property and handed it to his own son saying that i know it that this property is yours but have given to my own son who is also died in a plane crash ,called them who are died already but didn’t went up in light because they wanted forgiveness from subject Subject was not ready to forgive them because he was too angry on them then i suggested subject that forgiveness is important and that rewards and awards in whatever way is only given by almighty we only play our role in our life now that if you will not forgive them they wont be able to go in light which is utmost important or else they will keep laundering you and troubling you more Subject got ready and also he got messages from his master to forgive all and forget he got relaxed and did cord cutting with his aunty and cousin.

They left and he was healed with light His heart was checked which was empty with love that was being filled by pink color of love Was then out of trance happily He gave me results in two days that hes feeling light now and that his hands are not paining any more and even hes full of energy now Guys Forgiving and Forgetting is powerful tool in life which will makes our life easier and ways will be full of delightful keeping grudges and complains will only carry out your karma and will be balanced in next life instead cut your karma and live cheerful life with what you have with you because Almighty is just and fair


A beautiful lesson through PLR,

a lady came to me, married and in love with married man. She was honest about her relationship and walked out of her marriage .
Waiting for her boy friend to take the same stand. whatever the reason he could not move out in spite of not having any relation with his wife.

She moved into trance, saw her past life where she was married to her current boyfriend, his current wife was her mom in law.
The relation between her and her ma in law was v bad. ma in law troubled her a lot . MIL on her death bed was very sorry , was looking for forgiveness which
DIL never gave. she wanted revenge.

So in this life her past MIL married her past husband, and she became the other woman. so that MIL stays in pain.
To take the revenge she chose this life, of course she is causing lot of pain to her, but at the same time she herself is not at peace.

Lesson is revenge never makes anyone happy,

Past Life Regression Experience with Stella

I am a new member of this group. I recently learn about this group in the internet and then contacted using the contact form. I got an immediate reply from Dr.Jain recommending me to Mrs. Stella Doshi. I currently reside in Germany. She was so kind enough to chat with me whenever I had time and know about my problems. She suggested me good Meditation technique. Once I started to feel the positive effect of it, I myself asked for PLR session. She gave me time on last Sunday and the session was really nice. I am basically in Science Research. So, initial, I didn’t believe myself and thought that all of it was my imagination. But, when she asked me to look at the mirror to see myself in one of my past lives, I couldn’t see myself at all. I could see some other person in the mirror. That was where I believed that it was a real true experience of that life and not at all my imagination. She took me to two past lives and I now know the reasons for my problems that I contacted them. I feel very relaxed and relieved and became more cool in handling the issues later on. I see the changes and my friends also observed these changes in me. Earlier I could not say anything to a person who is hurting me also. But now I can say it more openly and clear it all at once that too in a nice way that there was no fault of mine and that they were being mean to me and I don’t even feel angry on them after the incidents.

Feels so good after this session. And especially taking about Mrs.Stella Doshi, her counseling before the session and the way she feels responsible after the session asking about how I feel after that, do I have headache or some other problems etc… made me really feel satisfied. Definitely, the best of the services one can trust on!

Thanks to Stella Aunty!

cold relationship with mother and past life regression

I wanted to tell you about a case i did yesterday. it was the same lady i had spoken to you about. before the session she reconfirmed that if something was revealed to her, and if she did not want to share it with me, would she be able to hold back that material? she seemed relaxed after being confirmed. i started with the PLRT method you had recently reported. i did not seem to work. then i asked her to move up from her body and view everything from a safe distance. this worked. she was able to visualize a park, bench, spiritual entity ( which she kept mixing with herself). she could see a pathway, lined with ancient doors on either side. i asked her to choose any door and enter inside. she saw herself in a classroom as a small child playing pranks on the nun. after exploring the classroom in detail, i instructed her to move back in time to a significant event. ( here i want to ask you that this scene seemed to be a neutral scene. did we miss something. should something else had been done)

she opened another room and saw herself standing outside a huge house. she went inside and saw a boy trying to hold her hand. she was trying to avoid him, though she felt like going closer to him. she saw herself running away from that boy and standing herself in front of another male, whom she identified as her husband. she was unhappy with him.( in her current life she is separated from her husband. and she revealed after the session that she has a close male friend who wants to marry her.) i asked her to move to a significant event of that life, and she said nothing significant had occurred. she was not able to find out the cause of her disliking for her husband. she moved further to her death in that life. she saw a peaceful death, but surprisingly she saw herself dying alone on something white and very spiritual around her. all this she was able to view from above. she saw the souls leaving the body resting for a while and then she saw her current parents. i asked her to see her birth. she reported that her mother was not happy when she was born as she was a girl child. she was given away to someone. moving ahead in time, she saw herself being brought up in an ashram and then later saw herself married. she could not understand how she got married, this time also unhappily. she saw her death in this life also in a white saree and alone. after this she reported a bird, but immediately said that she did not want to continue. after termination, she could relate a few things, like disliking towards her husband, a male friend, acute loneliness, and a very cold relationship with her mother. but she still could not understand why she could not settle down in her marriage and why she had this detachment from everything. the spiritual entity she reports, she feels it is her. what else could have been explored with her. though after the session she was still confused whether it was real or her imagination, but she was satisfied that she could make a few connections. please guide me on this.




Good morning,iam a student,age of 22.iam in very tension due to my health.iam a bixesual person and i want to give up my this habit by which i become mind attract boys more than girls but don’t want it.i want to attract girls only but all trials are failed due to my mind and heart.please shows me a good way.


i am not getting the proper job in this month . my family member’s are not happy with me .. i use to see some unwanted dreamz . some time i start crying during the dreamz .. some thimes it happens like some situation i see , it seems that i had seen it already . . thats y wanted to know abt my past .. i am very upset .


hi Sunita!

Hats off to you Sunita!! It seems very rich and marvelous session. it was good session where the lady has seen many lives. U know Sunita in one session u have done past life regression, life between life, age regression and future progression. Am i right sir??

1. The spiritual entity which she saw might be her own higher self.
the scene of class room might be one of her remote past life.

2. next scene ( immediate past life) of huge house and boy again may be another life.where again after death she meets her higher self/ guardian angel. it seems her guardian angle is indicating to the lessons she need to learn before amalgamation with her spiritual higher self.
3. After the death she had seen glimps of life between life where she saw many souls.
4. Then she might have seen her current age ( age regression) childhood and time of marriage ( I feel she hasnt reported to u many things she saw in this string. She seems reluctant in disclosing something she saw after getting married). The content in this string seems to be something very significant. I am suspecting she seen her future as well ( she saw a bird). all these things made her uncomfortable and she requested u the termination of the session.

Indeed it was good session. next time after the death scene try to take her to life between life and to spirit world make her resolve the issues of the life she saw and instruct her to conserve good feeling and joy of the life within her and leave past in past, let it go ( try the box technique i.e burn/ flow all ill feels sadness etc it in river then take a bath in spiritual light ).then instruct her to explore the goals for the next life and then take her to next life.


dr. sunita, a second regression after a week will give very relevent past life in this case.this session covered some surfaced points. in 2nd regression just tell her to visulize any thing, and go futher..dr. vandana singh raghuvanshi, chandigarh


We have many aspects of mind. Where PLR has been proved one of the powerful tool, we can invite other and alternative ways too for discussion.

Where i agree that Past life Regression is a helpful therapy we still dwell in past and past lives ofcourse for future progression, no doubts about it.

Like a few my day too starts reading MPL mails, so if we get discussion points or self help topic that make me efficient in making my day great, my life better myself then it would be super cool.

We have great,learned and knowledgeable minds within us where all can share thier part of wisdom Reiki,numerolgy,graphology,healing techiniques,self help etc there are so many branches. Meditation,breathing exercises. Its so great to get information like – importance of 108, Dream analysis and number of knowledgeble mails.

I dont intend to hurt anyone,sorry if i did so unknowingly,my motive is to get knowledge,help and happiness from all the topics and wisdom shared from all parts of healing sources.

Seeking support,



Dear Sir,

My name is Naveen Mehta, I would like to have a true advise from you, regarding PLR /SS astronomical method for curative/preventive methods etc.

Since you must have understood the reason for my email, if All was well, I couldnot have send you this email, but something is still missing in my life.

At the age of Approx.50 yrs still I am not settled in my life, it is going just like that. Wheras at my age /experience lot of my friends/co-companions are far better than me after doing less work more pay. (I am honest, straight forward, dedicated, hardworking, jack of all trades, which most of the work I have not learnt but by default I am aware of & can do it, rather doing it sicne childhood as hobby etc no buttering, no false promise, not taking bribe etc.)

My birth date is 03-Jul-1961: place Delhi cantoment; Time 10:30 pm.

Any guidance/advise, which method can help my life in settling down with over coming financial matters?

Kindly let me know the method of PLR, place etc (cost if any) you are working as professional or hobbyist.

tks & rgds,

Naveen Mehta


Please allow me to share my experience with you all. Since last year, I am a member of anonymous and I have been reading the posts here but have not given too much attention because I was busy with my work and my personal problems.

Early this year, I did not anticipate that I will lose my job but despite that I always maintained a positive outlook and I thought that I will get something at least within two months.

However, as the months passed by, I got worried when I could not get anything and there are so many bills to be paid and I was losing hope when I am receiving rejections from companies I have applied to. What is more surprising is that situations would arise that would prevent me from getting the job.

Lately, I was so bitter and angry with my situation and I thought that the universe or spirits were conspiring and they are preventing me from getting a job. It was when I read one of the postings here from Mr. . Ralli, wherein he replied on a post on suicide and depression. I was inspired by his reply to that post and so I wrote to him and I’ve shared my experience with him and he was very positive and encouraging and I’ve asked him to pray for me to get a job soon. That was Friday last week and by Sunday I was still very depressed but by Monday, I got a call from the company where I had an interview and they told me I got a job.

I signed the offer letter today and I am going to start on the new job on the 12th.

So I would like to thank Mr. . Ralli for his positive words and encouragement. It helped a lot at a time when I could not understand what is happening in my life and I have felt so hopeless.

During those few days of anger and depression, I also accepted that I was paying the debts from the past and somehow I accepted my lot. Only when I came to that realization and accepted that that things turn around.

I also want to thank Mr. Vijay Mehra, he was also encouraging and we also communicated a few times.

And last I want to thank you all in this forum, your stories and knowledge and expertise have helped me a lot and also to Dr. Jain for having created a group like this.

God bless you all.

Best regards,



PLR in Mumbai Mrs. Shalini Verma MO: 09870480560

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